Promoting renewable heating in Biel

Aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2050, the Swiss city of Biel is concentrating its efforts partly on the use of renewable heating technologies for residential and commercial buildings. Working together with city officials, we planned and organized two events to raise the awareness of key local stakeholders of the importance and viability of renewable heating technologies. These stakeholders included institutional real-estate investors, planning experts, construction firms, and architects. The main topic of the events was the development of heating networks.

Our services

  • Development of a target-group survey to assess the needs of prospective participants and design the events accordingly. The survey was then conducted by the city of Biel.
  • Drafting of an event concept: input presentations (city of Biel energy website, comparison of heating systems, heating networks), panel discussion, bilingual professional moderation, visit to the “Champagne” schoolhouse heating network
  • Provision of assistance in the organization of the events, especially the coordination of substantive presentation input, briefing of event moderator, speakers, and panel participants
  • On-location event management

Contact persons