Promoting sustainable building practices in Latin America

The aim of the project known as “Strengthening Capacities for Energy Efficiency in Buildings in Latin America” (CEELA) is to promote sustainable building practices in tropical climate zones in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. To ensure maximum impact for the project, a communications strategy that is tailored to the needs of the individual target groups is essential. To do this, we are creating summary visualizations to communicate the core strategic principles. These visualizations help local communications agencies to develop a range of targeted communications measures.

Our services

  • User research in the form of a target-group survey in 4 countries
  • Drafting of a communications strategy
  • Drafting of user journeys for priority target groups and their needs
  • Ideation of the “” website
  • Oversight of invitations to tender relating to communications measures
  • Briefing and support for local agencies in Colombia and Ecuador (Where Next, Manthra comunicación) to facilitate the development and implementation of communications measures (e.g. corporate design, websites, videos, and social-media campaigns).
The user research showed that activating content is popular with target groups. Here: Storytelling video on local building materials in the village of Barichara, Colombia.
Video of the overall project CEELA

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