Promotion of vertical greening in Zurich

The city of Zurich is planning to promote the installation of vertical-greening systems. In connection with this new initiative, we helped Grün Stadt Zürich, an office of the city’s building and waste-management department, to develop a public funding program and ascertain the structural specifications. We also clarified the relevant legal provisions and permission procedures for vertical-greening systems. We compiled our findings in a convenient checklist for interested developers.

Our services

  • Analysis and compilation of the latest domestic and international findings relating to vertical-greening systems
  • Conducting interviews with planners (landscape architects and architects) on their experience with the relevant processes
  • Ascertainment of the applicable legal provisions, approval procedures, and additional licensing procedures relating to the use of public property
  • Submission of various public-funding and consultation models
  • Drafting of a prerequisites checklist for developers

Picture Credits: Vauban District in Freiburg, Germany, EBP 2018

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