Provision of planning support for a city tunnel in Rapperswil-Jona

The city of Rapperswil-Jona’s transportation strategy provides for the construction of a tunnel as a means of unburdening the city center of traffic for the long term. The Canton of St. Gallen examined various tunnel proposals. EBP helped the canton to assess the proposals and arrive at a corresponding shortlist as well as design the participation process.

After an initial tunnel proposal was defeated in 2011, the city of Rapperswil-Jona set about the task of drafting a new transportation strategy. This time the process included greater participation on the part of lawmakers, business leaders and public-interest groups. Upon its completion in April 2014, the city officials submitted the new strategy to the Canton of St. Gallen’s Planning Office. Since the strategy’s submission, cantonal officials have been examining the various tunnel proposals aimed at unburdening the city center.

Selecting suitable planners and assessing the cost and benefits

First the structural and environmental feasibility of three tunnel options were examined in detail. EBP helped the canton to select appropriate planning firms and acted as a liaison partner between the city and the selected planning firms. In the second phase, EBP supported the canton and the relevant planning firm when it came to analyze the Cost-effectiveness of the alternative proposals. EBP then supported the canton and the planning firm to evaluate the associated benefits for the city, for the transportation system, and for the environment in light of the investment and construction costs. This work included the development of a traffic model and subjecting the results to plausibility tests.

Developing and managing all accompanying processes

EBP also developed and managed the participation processes in consultation with the planning experts and the relevant city and cantonal officials. In August 2018, the canton and the city reached an agreement on a preferred proposal. The planning work for the proposal’s realization is now to be completed in the coming years. This work will depend to some extent on the results of exploratory drilling at the site surrounding the Rapperswil Railway Station. Other planned measures on nearby city properties will also need to be examined in greater detail.

Project overview

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