Public Agency Performance Orders to Secure Civil Protection in the Canton of Aargau

It has not been entirely clear up until now what services the Aargau civil protection authorities are expected to provide in case of major events, catastrophes and emergency situations. EBP helped the Aargau Department of Military and Civil Protection to draft public agency performance orders to govern the work of the regional civil protection organisations.

Civil protection measures are implemented primarily in the context of major events and in response to catastrophes and emergency situations. Various issues relating to the specific obligations of the civil protection authorities in Aargau have remained unresolved up until now. For instance, what specific tasks are the civil protection authorities expected to perform? When and for how long are these tasks to be performed? What resources are available to ensure performance? These issues are to be clarified in the form of official public agency performance orders in the interest of securing the capacity of civil protection services and better anchoring these services as capable partners within the overarching Aargau civil protection system.

Working on behalf of the Aargau Department of Military and Civil Protection and its Civil Protection Coordination Unit, EBP assisted with the development, methodology and implementation of the following assignments:

  • Definition of the services that the regional civil protection organisations (CPOs) are expected to provide
  • Definition of the services in terms of their type, scope and duration
  • Examination of the support needs of regional governments, cantonal emergency response services, police departments, fire departments, healthcare institutions and engineering agencies, as well as the alignment of these needs with those of the CPOs

The public agency performance orders establish a basis for a unified action on the part of all of the regional civil protection organisations. This reinforces the civil protection organisations’ capacity to act as reliable, broadly operational and steadfast service providers.

Picture Credits: Kt. AG, Abteilung Militär und Bevölkerungsschutz

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