Quality of road access to intensive freight traffic installations

Traffic problems are often observed at the points of access freight vehicles frequently use to get to their destinations, especially when it comes  to traffic flow, traffic safety and environmental impact.
EBP carried out a study to examine the nature and extent of these problems. The results of the study were then used as a basis for identifying measures that could be implemented to optimize the access routes and to minimize safety deficits and environmental impact.

We began our assignment by examining the existing literature on freight vehicle transportation and the applicable legal framework. This was used as background information to select suitable case studies and conduct interviews with cantonal and forwarding-company representatives.

We used the results of our interviews to identify the most important concerns, which we then assigned to the following categories: road networks, crossroads, capacity deficits, cantonal development/community spatial plans, design of structures, traffic safety, environmental impact and standard-adaptation needs.

We then supplemented our case studies by carrying out in-depth analyses and running calculations relating to traffic volume, environmental impact and traffic safety.
Using our results as a basis, we were able to either verify or reject five propositions that we formulated at the beginning of our work.

In the end, we established that “enhanced road design requirements need to be met at points of access” frequently used by freight vehicles to get to their destinations. We also examined the following issues in greater depth:

  • Definition of intensive freight traffic installations
  • Function and capacity of roads
  • Traffic circle (roundabout) design
  • Conflicts between tractor trailers, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Design of entry and exit areas at locations frequented by freight vehicles
  • Impact of freight vehicles on traffic flow at hubs
  • Protection of critical infrastructure

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