Reassigning responsibility for municipal water supply in Davos

In the context of considering a move to reassign responsibility for the management of its water supply, the municipality of Davos commissioned EBP to help it assess the alternatives.

Starting point

The Davos Municipal Council is currently responsible for managing the municipality's water supply. In connection with the development new premises, the municipality is considering whether it wouldn't make more sense to reassign this responsibility for the water supply to the Davos Power Company (EWD).

Examining the reassignment option

EBP moderated a workgroup consisting of municipality and EWD representatives charged to consider the issue of reassigning the management of the municipality's water supply. Using a SWOT analysis, EBP developed and evaluated two alternatives in terms of their long-term operational impact. The workgroup then used this input as a basis for formulating a recommendation in favor of reinforcing cooperation between the municipality and EWD.