Regional planning in the Limmat Valley

The ZPL is a planning association that represents 11 municipalities in the canton of Zurich’s Dietikon district. To help the ZPL secure its objective of well-coordinated regional development, EBP has been providing it with regional planning services since 2019. In addition to our oversight of the continuously evolving regional development plan, we assist the ZPL in all matters of transportation, settlement, and landscape development. We also help to accommodate and reconcile the various regional interests and assist with superordinate, parallel, and downstream planning projects.

Our services

  • Drafting and revising the Limmat Valley regional development plan
  • Drafting of reviews of superordinate, parallel, and downstream planning projects
  • Provision of consulting services to the ZPL executive committee in all matters of spatial planning
  • Accommodating and reconciling the various regional interests
  • Coordination of synergies in spatial planning and regional promotion
  • Organization of and participation in all meetings of the executive committee and the municipal delegates

Picture Credits: © ZPL

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