Regional planning in «Zürich Unterland»

The PZU is a planning association in the Canton of Zurich’s northwest, a region referred to as the ”Zürich Unterland”. Representing 30 different municipalities, the PZU undertakes to coordinate and harmonize the separate and joint municipal and cantonal spatial-development projects.

As an expert in regional planning, we have supported the PZU with consulting services since 2010, addressing various issues related to spatial, transportation, and landscape planning. In particular, we supported the PZU to draft the regional development concept and to complete an extensive revision of the 2018 regional structure plan, the PZU’s main planning instrument.

Our services

  • Continuous updating and implementation of the regional structure plan
  • Participating in consultation processes of cantonal and municipal development proposals
  • Supporting municipal planning efforts with regional significance
  • Provision of consulting services to the PZU’s executive and administrative offices
Regio-ROK Zürcher Unterland (2011)
Regional Development Concept ”Zürich Unterland” (2011)


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