Renovation and expansion of the railway between Herisau and Wattwil: “Cluster 2012”

Ten different renovation and expansion projects centering on the railway between the Herisau and Wattwil stations had been slated for completion. A decision was then made to bundle the projects into a single cluster project to minimize both costs and service interruption times.
EBP was responsible for providing developer representation and support services as well as for overseeing the overall project.

Various pending projects aimed at renovating and expanding the more than 100-year-old railway between Herisau and Wattwil were bundled into a single coordinated project. The project was then completed between 2010 and 2013 during which time the railway was closed for a continuous period of five weeks in the summer of 2012 (Cluster 2012). The closure of the railway line enabled the simultaneous completion of the various subprojects (renovation and expansion work) at a reduced cost and with a shorter service-interruption time.

Ten cohesively bundled projects

The cluster project included: a 2-kilometer double track expansion at Schachen West with roadway over- and underpasses; the construction of various support structures; the renovation of the Glatt Valley and Weissenbach viaducts; the replacement of railway switch installations at the Herisau and Degersheim railway stations; the complete renovation of five tunnels, including track-bed lowering; the installation of new drainage systems; tunnel-arch renovation; the installation of power rails; Railway-sub- and -superstructure renovation between Degersheim and Mogelsberg; and the replacement of decades-old signaling equipment at various locations along the railway line.

Limited planning time and complex construction logistics

Special project challenges included: a limited planning period; complex construction logistics across the entire section of the railway; limited availability of rail-construction trains; limited amount of time for project completion; and the need to provide replacement bus transportation. The approximately ten subprojects demanded careful coordination and the early reservation of all necessary resources (workers, machines, supplies).

EBP provided the following services:

  • Developer representation (general project management, general construction management) for the renovation of the Wasserfluh Tunnel, Mogelsberg Tunnel, Glatt Valley and Weissenbach Viaduct and the double-track expansion at Schachen West
  • Management support for the Cluster 2012 project, management of the project office and the collection of controlling data
  • Organization and selection of experts and subcontractors
  • Planning and coordination of superordinate construction logistics
  • Coordination of Swiss Southeastern Railway technical offices and operations
  • Management of communication, public relations and contact with local residents, participation in public outreach events
  • Treatment of special topics (e.g. safety, tendering, legal issues)

Contact persons