Renovation of the building automation system at the Schauspielhaus Zürich

EBP is overseeing a project to renovate the building automation system at the Schauspielhaus Zürich. In order not to interrupt the theater’s production schedule, we divided up the renovation work into phases, with the specific measures to be completed during each of the theater’s next several summer recesses.

In order to make sure that the Schauspielhaus Zürich will not be forced to interrupt its production schedule, the building automation system, including all heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing installations (all of which threaten to fail within the next 10 years), is to be renovated. The work will be carried out during the theater’s summer recesses.

Renovation schedule

  • 2018: 6 weeks
  • 2019: 5 weeks
  • 2020: 5 weeks

As the planning firm responsible for building automation, EBP will be overseeing all of the renovation phases. The aim of the renovation work is to improve system access and control, enhance overall building comfort and ensure proper regulation of energy use.

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