Renovation of multifamily residence in Zurich

The developer’s plan was to complete a comprehensive renovation of the building envelope for a multifamily residence in Zurich (Möhrlistrasse 91). EBP assisted the developer and the project manager when it came to all fire-protection measures, an assignment that ranged from the submission of an application for a building permit to the monitoring of construction quality at the construction site.

The plan for renovating the building envelope to improve its energy-efficiency performance specified a compact façade with special exterior surfacing features and insulation officially classified as flammable. Given the flammable nature of the insulation, the building was assigned a quality-assurance rating of 2. This rating stipulated the implementation of various fire-protection measures.

Detailed measures catalogue for fire protection

After working out the various details in accordance with the specifications issued by the Association of Swiss Expanded Polystyrene Manufacturers, we drafted a detailed measures catalogue, which included all structural specifications and all of the materials for the façade and the roof, and submitted it along with the application for a building permit. The main fire-protection measure centered on the installation of fire-resistant paneling for each story. The paneling is intended to isolate the flammable insulation, thereby effectively preventing fire from spreading across the entire façade. The drafted measures catalogue also provided the façade builder with a guide for completing the renovation.

Comprehensive quality control

Throughout the execution phase, we supported the developer by handling all quality-control tasks. Special attention was given in this connection to the installation of the fire-resistant paneling, and at the jointed areas at corners and balconies. Working together with the fire-protection agency, we completed the acceptance procedure for the fire-resistant paneling. In this context, the façade builder took core samples that enabled us to inspect the status of the bonding work.

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