Renovation of the Quadrellas parking garage

As an older building, the Quadrellas parking garage in St. Moritz is in need of renovation. To prepare for the renovation, the St. Moritz Building Authority commissioned EBP to identify the necessary measures and provide assistance in selecting a planning firm.

As a first step, EBP deployed an interdisciplinary team to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the building’s current state, including the state of its structure, façade, fire-safety and HVAC, plumbing and building-automation systems. As a provider of comprehensive services, EBP was able to cover all of the relevant areas with its own experts, thereby ensuring an effective and optimally harmonized procedure.

Measures ascertainment and rough estimate of costs

In the framework of on-location inspections, our specialists systematically assessed the current state of the building’s components and technical systems. We then determined all of the necessary measures and drafted a rough estimate of the costs. Once this work was complete, our EBP team completed a more detailed inspection of the load-bearing structures and oversaw the completion of materials inspections.

Assisting in the selection of a planning firm

The synthesis of the current-state analysis and the inspection findings formed a basis for determining the scope of the necessary measures. Armed with this information we then helped the St. Moritz Building Authority to select a suitable planning firm for the parking garage’s renovation.

Given that the selection was to be made through a public call to tender, we worked out a procurement concept, drafted the necessary documents and assisted in the evaluation of the submitted offers.

Parkhaus Quadrellas
Quadrellas parking garage

Picture Credits: © EBP, François Theis

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