Rerouting of a cantonal road in Bassersdorf

The construction of the Brütten Tunnel will make it necessary to reroute a cantonal road in the Swiss town of Bassersdorf. EBP was commissioned to carry out a study to determine which of the possible new routes would secure the most expedient road link between the towns of Baltenswil and Bassersdorf.

The Swiss parliament approved the allocation of CHF 12.89 billion in funding for a railway development program extending to the year 2035. The aim of the program is to expand the existing long-distance and local railway network in Switzerland to accommodate the rapidly growing demand. The expansion will require the construction of around 200 small and large structures, including the Brütten Tunnel.

Multiple auxiliary projects in the wake of railway expansion

The realization of the Brütten Tunnel will make it necessary to carry out multiple adaptive changes to the network of roads, bike paths and pedestrian walkways in Bassersdorf. For instance, the cantonal road and the bike path between Baltenswil and Bassersdorf will need to be rerouted and various access points and underpasses in the area of the railway station will need to be altered or repositioned.

Analysis of traffic, spatial and environmental data provide basis for final decisions

We carried out an extensive analysis of traffic volume, available space and environmental factors to establish a basis for working out various scenarios for the future network of roads and bike paths. We then examined the more expedient scenarios in greater depth to assess their technical and environmental feasibility, applying utility, cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analyses.

To ensure a higher level of acceptance for the changes, we organized several workshops to discuss our technical evaluation of the individual indicators with representatives of the corresponding municipal and cantonal agencies, as well as with officials at Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). We then used our evaluation to formulate various recommendations for further action.

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