Resilience measures for road infrastructures

What is the best way to increase the resilience of (critical) road infrastructures such as bridges and tunnels? And what is the best way to assess their cost effectiveness? The German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) recently commissioned EBP to help it answer these questions.

A significant challenge for decision-makers in infrastructure management consists in the assessment of the resilience of their infrastructural network,  including individual structures such as bridges and tunnels. Their ultimate aim is to select suitable measures so as to secure the resilience of their network or to improve it wherever necessary. As a result of budgetary constraints, the team is also required to limit the measures it implements to those that promise a favorable cost-benefit ratio.

In the context of a research project carried out on behalf of BASt, EBP worked out various effective methods that could be used to ascertain the costs and benefits associated with measures conceived to improve the resilience of road infrastructures in Germany. Using case studies, we also presented the current international approaches to applying resiliency concepts in practice.

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