Revised Development Plan for Zermatt

The challenge we faced in the comprehensive revision of the town of Zermatt’s development plan was to preserve the town’s aesthetic appeal for its residents and for tourists while at the same time enabling internal development of the town as a place to live. Working together with Planax AG, we drafted a concept with a focus on development and securing open spaces, bike paths, pedestrian paths, and diverse architecture within the town itself. In the surrounding districts it promoted high-quality conservation and development.

Our services

  • Substantive revision of planning guidelines; drafting of a legally binding spatial concept map
  • Revision of the transportation access concept and planning instruments that are binding for landowners, including development and zoning regulations and zoning plans
  • Process consultation and guidance of the decision-making process in the spatial-planning and municipal council working group
  • Provision of communications support: website Zermatt Inside
  • Design and moderation of public participation at dialogue and informational events

Contact persons