Revising Wädenswil’s building and zoning code

EBP has been commissioned to help the city of Wädenswil carry out a comprehensive revision of its building and zoning code (BZC), as well as its current zoning plan. The aim of our efforts is to adapt the code and plan to meet the challenges of densification and to harmonize them with the codes and plans in the villages of Schönenberg and Hütten, which became part of the city of Wädenswil in 2019. The city development plan and district analyses are to serve as a basis for the BZC revision, which is also to be accompanied by a public-participation process.

Our services

  • Supervision of all substantive and administrative aspects of the BZC revision
  • Process consulting and organization of decision-making processes in the various committees (project steering committee, urban development commission, city council)
  • Development of and support for the public-participation process overseen by Michael Emmenegger
  • Drafting of district analyses together with Metron AG
  • Harmonization of the three city districts’ building codes
  • Revision of the building code, zoning plan, and core-zone plans
  • Supporting the process of defining and demarcating core village zones
  • Partial revision of the BZC to take account of property appreciation tax issues

Contact persons