Revision of city development planning

The Swiss city of Rapperswil-Jona uses a master plan to coordinate the complex interplay of settlement development, mobility and the protection of undeveloped space within the context of the city’s development up to the year 2040. Based on the master plan, the city creates urban district concepts, revises development plans and adapts land usage plans to ensure compliance with building and zoning specifications. Together with Hager Partner AG and urbaNplus, we provide the city with technical and procedural support in all matters of city planning.

Our services

  • Oversight and coordination of the general planning team
  • Providing consulting services to the city and the relevant legis-lative committees
  • Specifying the masterplan’s contents
  • Supporting the conceptualizing and oversight of public partici-pation processes for which the “moderator” and “ambassadors” are in charge

Contact persons