Revision of the hazard analysis for the Bern metropolitan area

What types of disaster and emergency situations are relevant to civil protection in the Bern metropolitan area? Has the security situation changed during the last four years? EBP supported the Regional Management Agency (RMA) when it came to revising the risk analysis drafted in 2012.

Like other urban areas throughout the world, the Bern metropolitan area (consisting of the municipalities of Bern, Bremgarten and Frauenkappelen) is exposed to a variety of risks. A comprehensive hazard analysis for the entire region was carried out for the first time in 2012. Now, four years later, the conclusions reached in the context of the first comprehensive analysis were examined and updated accordingly.

The main questions addressed in the context of the review were:

  • Review of the hazards deemed relevant by the RMA: What hazards have become relevant or have ceased to be relevant?
  • What hazards pose a greater threat today when compared to 2012? And what hazards pose a lesser threat today?

The updated situation analysis and risk assessment form a sound and transparent basis for developing an integral risk-management program in Metropolitan Bern.

Picture Credits: Direktion für Sicherheit, Umwelt und Energie Stadt Bern

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