Revision of spatial planning directives in the city of Illnau-Effretikon

In order to enable a more active approach to managing its future development, the city of Illnau-Effretikon is looking to revise both its municipal development plan and its building and zoning ordinance. The city has commissioned EBP to provide support.

Revising spatial planning directives to enable development

A lot has changed since the last revision of the relevant planning directives. For one, the city has grown as a result of the accession of the former municipality of Kyburg. Moreover, after remaining unchanged for a long period, the city’s population has also grown significantly in recent years thanks to its attractive location. At the same time, the amount of land available to accommodate this growth has gradually become scarce. In order to facilitate the desired and expected growth while at the same time providing for densification options, the various planning instruments are currently under revision.

The strategic municipal development plan

An interdisciplinary and robustly representational city planning commission took the first step by drafting a new municipal development plan. This development plan outlines the main development objectives for the next 15 years. It outlines the ways in which the various city districts and neighborhoods are to develop in the future, what areas are to serve the purpose of environmental protection and recreation and where adjustments are to be made to the city’s network of pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths and streets. The development plan was made available for public inspection from September 30, 2016 to November 29, 2016 and is now to be revised in light of the submitted responses. The next phase of the procedure will center on a revision of the city’s building and zoning ordinance.

Citizen participation

Issues of spatial development can have a major impact on all of a city’s residents. To take account of this, various public events, workshops and on-location tours of districts were organized to facilitate broad public involvement and discourse on the ways in which the city and its individual districts are to develop. The development and zoning plans will ultimately be tabled for finalization and ratification by the full city council.

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