Rhine Falls, Laufen Castle, footbridge and tower

As part of the tourist-centred refurbishment of the Rhine Falls, an elevator tower was constructed to provide disabled access to the falls. The adjoining gangway and tower offer new views and also provide access to the newly created walkabout.

As part of the touristic development of the Rhine Falls and Laufen Castle, an elevator tower with a connecting gangway is being constructed to allow disabled access to the falls. The elevator tower, which is almost 30 m high, is a monolithic structure built using concrete with a rough surface, which thus blends in with the solid rock of the castle mountain. The oblique-angled, trapezoidal-shaped cross-section of the tower is positioned to provide an outstanding view from the elevator car, which faces the Rhine Falls. At the base of the tower there is a 60 m long steel footbridge with wooden planks which follows the curve of the mountain. The footbridge varies in width and this continually provides the visitor with new views. The impassable terrain and the virtually alpine conditions placed high demands on the design and also the realisation of both the footbridge and the tower.

All phases of the project, including site management, were handled in accordance with SIA 102.

Picture Credits: Bellprat Associates AG