Risk assessment for the Margarethen Ice Skating Rink

A partial renovation was necessary for the Margarethen Ice Skating Rink in Basel to comply with regulations. EBP had already supported the project team in 2015 with the identification of safety-relevant specifications. This support included the drafting of a risk assessment in accordance with Swiss accident-prevention statutes pertaining to refrigeration systems. In 2022, EBP supplemented the risk assessment with a more in-depth examination of earthquakes as a risk factor.

The Margarethen Ice Rink operates an ammonia-based refrigeration system to produce and maintain the rink’s ice. Due to the amount of stored ammonia, the system must comply with the Ordinance on Protection against Major Accidents.

The extension of their permit to operate the rink required the operators to renovate parts of the refrigeration system. In 2022, we helped the project team to identify the measures necessary to bring the refrigeration plant up to the current state of safety technology. Our focus here was on measures enabling the early detection of leaks and the controlled depletion of any escaping ammonia at a safe location. In 2022, we further identified measures to increase earthquake safety.

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