Safe Swiss Cities 2025

Safe cities are good places to live. Together with the Association of Swiss Cities (SSV) and 33 pilot cities, EBP analysed the future safety situation in Swiss cities and from this proposed possible courses of action.

The safety requirements in cities are constantly changing. In order to be better prepared to face future challenges, the Association of Swiss Cities (SSV), together with EBP, has drawn up the “Safe Swiss Cities 2025” study.

The aim of the study is to provide those responsible for safety in cities with an overview of the central challenges in the field of urban safety for the coming years. The study also shows the possible courses of action for urban safety plans.

The basis of the study is a risk-based methodology, which views safety in broad terms, considering the social, technical and natural risks. It also takes account both of subjective perceptions of safety in cities and of an objective consideration of the safety situation.
33 pilot cities from both German-speaking and Western Switzerland were involved in the study, ensuring a high level of practical relevance.

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