SBB renovation of the Ulmberg and Enge tunnels in Zurich

The nearly one-hundred-year-old Ulmberg and Enge railway tunnels are in need of renovation. Working on behalf of Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), EBP will complete the planning work for the renovation of the tunnel invert, tunnel lining, drainage systems, and cable ducts. After our specialists drafted an assessment of the available options for renovating the track itself, a decision was made in favor of a low-vibration slab track. The planning work for this track will now be completed along with the planning work for the transition zones that extend to the ballasted track.

The renovation is set to take place in 2026 and must account for the space-constrained urban setting and operational needs.

Our services

  • Feasibility study; preliminary study, Building project, Planning approval procedure (SIA phases 31-33); call to tender (SIA 41); execution project documentation, construction management and commissioning (SIA 51-53)
  • Assessment of available renovation options for track design, including a life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA)
  • Project author for construction engineering: tunnel renovation, railway construction, drainage, and track-bed construction
  • Project author for tracks: LV slab-track system and ballasted track
  • Planning of construction phases and intervals
  • Construction management and commissioning
  • Environmental impact planning

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