SCCER Accompanying Research 2017-2019

The Swiss Federal Council’s Energy Strategy 2050 provides for a transformation of Switzerland’s energy-supply system. In order to pave the way for this transformation, the seven Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research (SCCER) actively promote energy research at various levels. In connection with these efforts, EBP is examining the ways in which scientific findings make their way to the marketplace.

The aim of EBP’s examination is to support the SCCER’s steering committee when it comes to securing the smart application of research findings in the relevant market sectors.

Of particular concern is the nature of the impact that the SCCER’s work has had on markets, legislation and society. In particular, EBP ievaluated the contribution that has been made by energy research relating to efforts to increase the efficiency of the Swiss energy-supply system to meet the added demand for electricity that is expected to follow the decommissioning of Switzerland’s nuclear power plants (Energy Strategy, Swiss Federal Council 2012). In order to do this, we’re examining the impact of the research and the processes and stakeholders responsible for the impact.

In pursuing our project goals, we apply various methods, including descriptive-statistical analyses of networks, online surveys and qualitative interviews to find out more about how knowledge and technology are transferred from research institutions to enterprises and other stakeholders at market level.

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