School building addition and new gymnasium in Kollbrunn

A new multipurpose gymnasium and an addition to an existing school building ensemble were realized in the Töss Valley municipality of Kollbrunn. EBP completed the planning for the load-bearing structures in both buildings.

A new multipurpose gymnasium and an approximately 4,300-square-foot addition to an existing school building ensemble were completed in the context of a school development project in the Töss Valley municipality of Kollbrunn.

The addition to the school building is a one-story, reinforced concrete structure that was designed to permit vertical expansion at any time in the future. The gymnasium is a wood-construction building. Its lightweight design permitted the use of a cost-effective slab foundation.

Composite lumber was used to form the support structure for the gymnasium’s roof, which spans a width of 89 feet. The covering for the roof is comprised of sheet metal. The remaining ceilings in the building are also wooden-beam ceilings. The frame construction used for the side walls was designed to stabilize the building. In light of the limited financial resources for the project, it was necessary at the outset of the planning phase to carry out extensive version studies to determine the most cost-effective solution for the addition and the gymnasium.

School building and connecting corridor

The transition structure that formerly linked the old gymnasium to the school building was converted into an outdoor equipment storage room. This enabled us to limit intervention in the structure’s load-bearing structure of reinforced concrete to a minimum.

Multi-purpose room

The project was realized in good time after EBP and GXM Architekten GmbH won the planning and design competition, which was originally announced in 2013. In the context of the project, EBP was responsible for all of the construction-engineering tasks, including the planning for the wood construction, the solid construction, the foundation and the foundation pit.

Picture Credits: GXM Architekten

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