Search for new transshipment site to serve the region of Wil

According to a master plan drafted by the city of Wil and entitled “The Future of the Wil Railway Station,” efforts are to be made to locate an alternative site for the station’s existing transshipment point. EBP was commissioned to conduct the search and evaluate the alternatives.

Various containers and types of goods are processed at the existing transshipment facility at the Wil Railway Station. The facility is of great significance to Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and the economy of Eastern Switzerland. In the framework of realizing a long-term urban development vision, the city of Wil would like to complete a real-estate development project on the north side of the Wil Railway Station. One essential prerequisite for this project is the relocation of the existing transshipment point to an alternative site in the region.

Those in charge of the “Regio Wil” real-estate initiative therefore commissioned EBP to conduct a search for alternative sites and to complete corresponding feasibility studies. The aim was to identify a site that would effectively ensure a capacity to respond to future space requirements.

After completing a detailed analysis of the current situation, various sites were identified that were assessed as providing conditions that were at least comparable to those at the existing transshipment facility and that were therefore to be regarded as viable alternatives. These sites included properties parallel to the existing tracks and properties near to or immediately adjacent to existing track facilities at and near railways stations.

The suitability of the various sites was examined on the basis of various criteria and the associated advantages and disadvantages were compared. Technical drawings were drafted for the most suitable of the available sites. These were used as a basis for deriving data relating to their transshipment capacities. A conclusion was formulated at the end of the study and specific recommendations were made.

The site-search project was completed in close consultation with representatives of the “Regio Wil” initiative, the city of Wil, SBB Infrastructure and SBB Cargo.

Picture Credits: Swiss Federal Office of Topography