Securing the long-term viability of Bossard AG headquarters

Further expansion at Bossard AG’s headquarters in Zug, Switzerland is limited by zoning restrictions. In order to help the company to respond to its increasing logistics and workplace-capacity demands, we organized a sequence of workshops with Bossard AG representatives, structural engineers, and local city administrators to provide a basis for the development of a long-term solution.

Our concept optimizes the company’s operational processes, creates a legally sound framework for long-term development, and enables streamlined project implementation.

Our services

  • Review of all statutory zoning and development provisions
  • Organization and execution of a sequence of workshops to undertake current-state and needs analyses, including various workplace concepts
  • Creation of future logistics and office-space development scenarios
  • Study of various development options in close consultation with logistics experts and structural engineers
  • Development of four approaches to ensuring statutory compliance
  • Launching of statutory planning procedures
  • Management of communications with lawmakers, city officials, and stakeholders in the immediate vicinity

Main Image: Aerial view current situation
Picture Credits: © GIS Kanton Zug, swisstopo

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