Security assessment for the municipality of Reiden

The municipality of Reiden in the Swiss canton of Luzern demonstrated that comprehensive security planning is not something that only big cities can afford when it commissioned EBP to help it carry out an assessment of the full range of risks it faces, from vandalism to large-scale power outages.

The task of carrying out a comprehensive assessment of the risks faced by a municipality, and then going on to prioritize the risks, identify opportunities for optimization and derive suitable measures for consideration in the context of security planning may sound very demanding and costly.

This did not, however, deter local officials in the 7,000-resident municipality of Reiden who applied a resource-adjusted and otherwise customized method to establish a comprehensive assessment of the municipality’s security situation. Both municipal and cantonal experts were involved in the process.

Early detection of risks permits timely responses

The result is the first official security report for the municipality of Reiden, a report that provides a basis for municipal planning and that can be efficiently updated at regular intervals in the future. The aim is to detect security-relevant developments at an early stage so as to permit a prompt response to any risks and to ensure that Reiden remains a flourishing and secure municipality.

Tailor-made approach on the basis of a proven method

EBP was able to support the municipality in its efforts by adapting an approach originally developed for the city of Luzern to the specific circumstances in Reiden. In doing so, EBP has also provided a model that can be used by other small communities that would like to establish a sound basis for security planning.

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