Security report for the city of Lucerne 2019

What are the greatest risks facing the city of Lucerne? EBP assessed the city’s general security situation and also examined the specific subject of climate change and security.

The city of Lucerne has been conducting regular reviews of its general security for twelve years. The security report it issued for the year 2019 offers an assessment and comparison of 38 general risks. The broad spectrum of concerns ranges from minor, everyday infractions such as incidents of disorderly conduct to major catastrophes and emergency situations such as earthquakes or extended power outages.

Security and climate change

The security report for the year 2019 also places a special focus on the relationship between climate change and security. Indeed, climate change can be expected to present challenges for Lucerne’s security services, including more frequent and more costly missions. On the other hand, Lucerne’s security services have already begun to address and prepare themselves for the coming challenges.

Securing continuity in the area of security

One section of the security report is devoted to analyzing the extent to which the measures proposed in previous security reports have been implemented. The results in the case of Lucerne show high levels of implementation, which also underscores the authoritativeness of the report. Moreover, the security report and its recommendations are held in high regard by the city’s elected officials and those security-service employees whose daily efforts make such an important contribution to the high quality of life enjoyed by the city’s residents.

A crucial role played by EBP

EBP’s contribution to the latest security report underscores the crucial role it plays in this regard on behalf of the city of Lucerne. We were again able to effectively apply and optimize the methods we’ve developed to approach the task of evaluating security. We were also responsible for arranging interviews with experts and organizing various workshops.

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