Service design for flood risk research initiative

One of the main aims of the flood risk research initiative launched by Mobiliar Lab for Natural Risks (MLNR) is to sensitize public agencies, professionals, and property owners to the risks of flooding and to offer them scientifically sound and practical decision-making support. In particular, MNLR offers access to high-quality maps, data, information, and images. To enhance this service, we applied user-centered design and user journeys to examine and visualize the different information needs and access paths of the various target groups. We then used our findings to develop a design for the research initiative’s landing page that is optimally adapted to the users’ needs and that increases the overall convenience of the available web tools. To ensure a clear and consistent website experience, we developed a design system for the various applications and used it to create the final landing page.

Our services

  • Target group analysis
  • Development of a UX/UI concept based on user journeys
  • Development of a website design with illustrations
  • Creation of a prototype
  • Specification of a design system for technical applications
  • Ideation, design, and creation of a landing page
  • Specification of content guidelines

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