Service Development and Railway Infrastructure Expansion (STEP AS 2030)

Working together with the various Swiss cantons and railway operators, the Swiss Federal Office of Transport is drafting proposals for railway development up to the year 2030. In the capacity of an executive task force, EBP is supporting the Federal Office of Transport’s project management team.

In accordance with Article 1, Paragraph 3 of the federal resolution on railway infrastructure expansion up to the year 2025, a proposal for a later expansion phase up to the year 2030 is to be submitted to the Swiss Federal Assembly by 2018 in the framework of the strategic development programme known as STEP AS 2030.

A draft plan accounting for the entire Swiss railway system is to be developed on the basis of a needs analysis, a compilation of service concepts for regional transport and an initial survey of national service concepts for long-distance passenger and freight transport. This plan is to be used to derive regional modules that include one or more service improvements as well as any corresponding infrastructure changes. The modules are to be evaluated according to an established method. Within the specified budget, the modules with the strongest evaluation scores are to be compiled in an overall STEP AS 2030 plan.

The planning team, including the firms INFRAS, BERN and SMA and led by the Zürich-based EBP, has assisted the Swiss Federal Office of Transport in the capacity of an executive task force since 2012 in the drafting of proposals for service development, infrastructure expansion and evaluation. In addition to this, the planning team has provided support services to the project management and other project experts.