Shared charging infrastructure for electric buses

Working with stakeholders from public bus companies in Switzerland, we conducted a study aimed at providing recommendations for the common use of a charging infrastructure for buses. The study centered on clarifying the various roles, organizing the setup and operation of the infrastructure, and harmonizing the stakeholders’ technologies and processes. The key result of our study is a recommendation for the development of guidelines to serve as a basis for a maximally interoperable system. These guidelines will expedite the electrification of the fleet and a shared charging infrastructure.

Our services

  • Establishment of a common understanding among the relevant stakeholders of the importance of decarbonizing public bus system in Switzerland (multi-stakeholder project). These stakeholders include transportation companies (bus operators), clients (cantonal transportation agencies, offices of public transportation), and power companies (cantonal and regional suppliers)
  • Joint drafting of recommendations for the design of a trans-regional domestic charging infrastructure for all public bus operators in Switzerland
  • Completion of a tripartite survey concerning the roles of the various stakeholder groups
  • Study of the characteristics of various technologies to serve as a decision-making guide to electrification technology selection

Picture Credits: BERNMOBIL

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