Smart-city strategy for the City of Schaffhausen

As an aspiring smart city, Schaffhausen is on a path to enhanced innovation, resource efficiency, and quality of life. In our capacity as consultants, we are helping the city’s elected officials and administrators to develop a tailor-made, smart-city strategy.

With the help of smart-city models and new technologies, many cities around the world are now in a position to develop and deploy innovative solutions to meet the challenges of urbanization, shifting demographics, climate change, mobility, energy conservation, and infrastructure renewal. Our smart-city strategy for the city of Schaffhausen illustrates the ways in which the city can deploy and connect new technologies in its effort to achieve the goals that are essential to enhancing its status as a vibrant, innovative, future-ready, and people-centric city.

Providing technical and process competence

Throughout the strategy-development process, we supported an interagency Smart-City Task Force consisting of representatives of all of the city’s key agencies. We also organized various workshops to include other stakeholders from the city’s business and special-interest communities. With our technical expertise in the areas of urban development, city promotion, IT, transportation, energy, and the environment, we were able to effectively support the city’s efforts to formulate a strategy and identify showcase smart-city projects.

The smart-city strategy forms the basis for a long-term process. The realization of selected projects in 2021 and beyond reflects Schaffhausen’s commitment to becoming a smart city. The strategy was also conceived to promote effective interaction among the city administration, the business community, and various public-interest groups. A special smart-city operational office was established to secure this goal.

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