Smart Mobility strategy for the city of Zurich

Working together with the transportation consultant Trafiko, EBP has helped the city of Zurich to develop a strategic plan by which to implement the city’s new Smart Mobility policy. The scope of our assignment included developing a set of guidelines that would allow the city to realize the vision behind its Smart Mobility policy, namely: to enable and test new solutions for attractive, resource-sparing, and space-efficient transportation solutions for all, including both passenger and freight transportation.

Various measures deemed essential to reaching the goal are to be implemented in the following areas: digital infrastructure; sharing; pooling; decarbonization; smart physical infrastructure; automation; and nudging. Throughout the process the city of Zurich will assume the role of initiator, coordinator, and overseer, ensuring that all prerequisites are met and that all stakeholders are apprised of and follow the rules. The city will also evaluate the results and draw the right conclusions for the future.  

Our services

  • Design and coordination of the work process with the Smart Mobility work group
  • Substantive refinement of goal definition, guidelines, topics, actions, and measures
  • Documentation for final report and graphic presentation

Picture Credits: © EBP, Le-Wan Tran

Smart Mobility
In the city of Zurich, Smart Mobility relates to numerous topic areas and encompasses a variety of potential solutions. Picture Credits: EBP

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