Smart representation of complex building processes

What’s the best way to represent a complex work process so as to make it easily accessible? This was the question that the Zurich Office of Civil Engineering (OCE) posed to our EBP communications team. The response came in the form of a well-crafted, well-structured and eminently convenient concertina fold that serves as a helpful tool for OCE employees.

Completing building projects, from the awarding of contracts to project planning and execution, is a complex process that encompasses many individual steps. After a team of EBP infrastructure experts helped the OCE to revamp its approach to building projects, the EBP communications team was assigned to give OCE employees an intuitive overview of the new processes. After all, these OCE employees would be expected to understand the new processes and align their daily activities accordingly. What the OCE had in mind was a well-crafted, practical and long-lasting solution.

Intuitive tool for new processes

The EBP team’s response to the request centered on a product that would serve employees as a tool in everyday situations such as meetings, a tool that would help them to coordinate their activities in accordance with the new processes and to maintain an overview of all of the necessary steps and all of the project participants. Moreover, the tool should take account of the fact that some employees would need an overview of only selected processes.


Smart concertina fold offers convenient view of the whole and the parts

The EBP communications team was able to represent the process in the form of a clear and intuitive flow chart, with the phase-specific structuring and carefully conceived color code providing additional orientation. Production efforts then centered on a smart concertina fold replete with a thumb index. This solution enabled the team to represent the entire process while at the same time giving users direct access to information pertaining to specific project phases.
The final product is a practical guide that OCE employees can conveniently use as a reference when working together with experts and partners, even if the latter have little prior knowledge of the relevant processes.


Our solution:

Well-crafted 9-page concertina fold in A5 format.

  • Intuitive breakdown of complex procedures
  • Distinguished medium to facilitate communication with other agencies and employees
  • Convenient handling
  • Clear, well-structured tool

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