Solar-powered e-bikes for urban mobility in Pasto, Colombia

The main aims of this pilot project in Pasto were to reduce trans-portation-related carbon emissions, to provide an affordable means of transportation for the local population, and to gain more experience with the use of solar-powered e-bike systems for public transportation in Latin America. A total of eight bike parking locations were selected and outfitted with solar-powered charging stations, thereby enabling the use of a source of renewable energy to charge the e-bikes.

The scope of our assignment within the project included handling all matters relating to technology, organization, security, business modeling, education and training, monitoring, and communication.

Our services

  • Conceptualizing and assessing the feasibility of the e-bike system
  • Drafting a call to tender and selecting the suppliers for the e-bikes, charging stations, and photovoltaic systems
  • Controlling system quality and overseeing system installations and commissioning
  • Raising an awareness of the value of an e-bike system and encouraging local stakeholders to use the system
  • Monitoring and documenting the project’s execution so as to be in a position to replicate it in other cities in Colombia
E-bikes with solar power for urban mobility

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