Spatial development concept for Kilchberg 2040

When faced recently with the task of revising its long-term development plan, the Swiss town of Kilchberg commissioned us to draft a spatial development concept. In addition to defining the basic principles of quality development for the next 15 to 20 years, the concept addresses six key topics: settlement structure and use, densification as an approach to sustainability, development structure and quality, harmonization of settlement and energy goals, as well as coordination of settlement and transportation goals. The concept will allow the municipality to meet challenges associated with population growth, scarce resources, and the safeguarding of existing and new qualities.

Our services

  • Drafting of neighborhood analyses and short analyses for the municipality
  • Definition of superordinate and thematic goals, as well as strategic approaches for action
  • Drafting of thematic maps and a synthesis map
  • Process support and consulting including support and moderation of the different committees, including the steering committee, the local planning workgroup, the municipal council and assembly
  • Design and implementation of the public participation process

Main Image: Kilchberg, view of Lake Zurich
Picture Credits: © EBP, Jonas Hunziker

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