Specifications for the installation of charging stations

EBP has been commissioned by a major Swiss real-estate developer to draft specifications for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. The scope of our assignment also includes surveying the needs of prospective tenants and defining implementation scenarios for a range of different situations.

The market for electric vehicles has expanded rapidly in recent years, with new electric-vehicle models being introduced all the time. This development has upped demand for charging stations.

Electric vehicles pose new questions for real-estate owners

The market success of electric vehicles has also become relevant to real-estate planning. This is because private and commercial tenants, as well as their visitors, need parking spaces, sometimes for entire fleets of company vehicles. In light of these new circumstances, a major Swiss real-estate developer commissioned us to draft specifications for the installation charging stations on the developer’s properties. The following questions arose in this connection. What needs can be expected to remain relevant in the future? What types of charging technology would be optimal? What access and billing systems would be most appropriate? What is the best concept for reserving parking spaces? Providing systematic answers to these and other questions will essentially enable real-estate developers to respond to the needs of their tenants and avoid unnecessary investments.

Guidelines for the installation of charging stations

The real-estate developer’s established guidelines include the following:

  • Electric charging stations are only to be installed if the main tenant needs a charging infrastructure.
  • The use of the charging stations is not to be open to the public.
  • A determination is to be made as to the availability of existing local charging infrastructure.
  • If possible, any existing photovoltaic installations are to be integrated into the charging stations.

We applied our experience and know-how in the area of electric vehicles, charging stations and charging technology to develop specifications that account for the guidelines. Indeed, the checklist we drafted can be used generally by real-estate developers to determine when charging infrastructure is justified or necessary, the extent of the infrastructure and the specifications it should meet.