Stockpiling of medical supplies in preparation for disasters and emergencies

The demand for medical supplies and other lifesaving equipment can increase dramatically in the event of disasters and emergency situations. On behalf of the Canton of Zurich’s Department of Health, we assessed the types and quantities of medical supplies that should be available at all times. The appropriate precautions can ensure the capacity to administer proper medical care on a large scale as a result of earthquakes, heatwaves, pandemics, terrorist attacks, nuclear accidents, dangerous goods accidents, and the spread of animal-borne diseases.

Our services

  • Selecting relevant events and quantifying their damage
  • Determining the health care assets needed to treat sick and injured persons
  • Estimating the number of people affected
  • Formulating stockpiling recommendations
  • Planning and conducting a survey of hospitals pertaining to the stockpiling of fuel for backup power systems
  • Conducting around 25 interviews with experts
  • Providing the results to a broadly based support group from the health care sector

Image: Zurich Cantonal Pharmacy
Picture Credits: © Zurich Cantonal Pharmacy

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