Storage of radioactive waste – societal impact

Working on behalf of the Swiss Cantonal Committee, Rütter Soceco AG, now part of EBP, examined the potential impact of deep geological repositories on the regions in which the prospective sites were located. The focus of the examination was on social cohesion and public perceptions of the regions in question. In addition to carrying out a survey of public opinion, we used various qualitative methods to observe and evaluate events designed to enable public participation in site-selection processes.

Our findings will help the regions to position themselves strategically in the site-selection process and avoid social dislocation.

Our services

  • Representative survey on local and external perceptions of the prospective site locations: Jura Ost; Nördlich Lägern; and Zürich Nordost. Our partners: IfD Allensbach, Link Institute
  • Observation of public participation, including qualitative interviews at various events in all six regional sites
  • Press analysis as a supplementary means of assessing public opinion in the regional sites

Picture: Site-selection procedure for deep geological repositories for radioactive waste – societal-impact study supports communities near prospective sites
Picture Credits: Pixabay, luctheo

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