Storytelling Video for the "Key Heroes" at ETH Zurich

While some might think that "key control" is a boring topic, we think it is exciting. In our animated video, we use illustrations and storytelling techniques to present the important and interesting aspects of the work performed by the keymanagers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich).

Storytelling Video

With a total of 36,000 different keys in use at ETH Zurich, it is obvious that someone will need to maintain an overview. This task is performed by around 900 keymanagers. In our animated video, we present the tasks that need to be performed by these keymanagers while also emphasizing their importance.

Storytelling with Eva, the key hero

Our "key hero" Eva offers the keymanagers step-by-step descriptions of the tasks they need to perform and what they need to pay attention to. For instance, when is it okay to grant access to the chemistry lab? Eva explains the important aspects of all key requests so that only authorized individuals receive a key to the facilities in question. Should all of the relevant locks be replaced immediately, or will it suffice to notify the main office? Eva explains what needs to be done when keys are lost. With storytelling techniques, we animate what might otherwise seem to be a dry subject while helping the keymanagers retain important information. This includes the use of emotionally evocative language and images. Eva underscores the importance of the role that the keymanagers play. After all, their commitment ensures the smooth and safe use of keys at ETH Zurich.

The animated video is available on the ETH Zurich website. The video also references other instructive documents drafted by our colleagues in our Security Division.

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