Strategy for Sustainable and Climate-Neutral Supply Chains

SBB AG is pursuing the ambitious goal of making its supply chains climate-neutral by 2040. But what technologies can the company use to decarbonize its supply chains? And what climate-policy developments can be expected to have an impact? We analyzed the technical and policy-related prerequisites for SBB AG and used our findings to develop a strategy for procuring climate-neutral services in the areas of civil engineering, track-laying machines and rail replacement by 2040.

Our services

  • Analysis of energy and climate-policy developments and their impact on carbon-neutral supply chains
  • Identification of existing and foreseeable technologies that would enable supply-chain decarbonization and increased energy and resource efficiency
  • Development of strategies and recommendations for achieving climate-neutral service procurement in the areas of civil-engineering and railway construction and maintenance machinery
  • Generalization of gained insights to all groups of goods in the area of rent and services

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