Structured Data Analysis for Enhanced Traffic Safety

The Swiss Association of Traffic Engineers and Traffic Experts (SVI) launched the research project “Data Pooling and Structured Data Analysis for Enhanced Traffic Safety” (VeSPA) in 2013, with two analysis phases. During Phase I of the project, EBP conducted two separate sub-projects to examine the impact that infrastructure and weather have on the occurrence of traffic accidents.

The VeSPA research project centres on an examination of five factors that have an impact on the occurrence of traffic accidents and/or the severity of injury. These factors include (1) human behaviour, (2) situation/infrastructure, (3) vehicles, (4) weather and (5) medical care/consequences. Phase I of the research project focused on separate investigations of each of the factors for the period from 2013 to 2014. Working together with the Stuttgart-based PTV Transport Consult GmbH, EBP conducted an investigation of the factors of situation/infrastructure and weather.

The various factors and the relationships between them in the broader context of road traffic accidents provide a basis for deriving traffic safety measures, assessing the impact of such measures and comparing different planning alternatives. The investigation of the factors also provides a basis for the development of accident models. Together with subsequent estimates of the associated costs, these accident models serve as a practical aid when it comes to making decisions in the context of traffic safety management.

Phase II of the research project began in January 2015, with EBP again playing an important role.