Study: Challenges and opportunities for urban manufacturing and retail in the City of Zurich

Manufacturing in urban settings can be challenging on account of the limited space, complex logistics, and steep rental fees. On the other hand, it also comes with clear advantages, including work-place quality, brand exposure, and proximity to customers.

Working together with the “Made in Zürich Initiative” and other partners, we drafted a set of guidelines that offers (1) a closer look at the conditions that need to be met by entrepreneurs interested in a Zurich-based production facility and (2) recommendations for public-sector administrators, real-estate developers, and manufacturers.

Our services

  • Analysis of the criteria used by urban manufacturers to assess site quality
  • Examination of site-specific advantages and challenges for urban manufacturing
  • Development of four site prototypes for urban manufacturing and retail
  • Drafting of recommendations together with other project participants
  • Drafting of a brochure, including a compilation of all findings, with the graphic-design studio “ALP Atelier Landolt Pfister”

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