Study of Development Alternatives for the Feldmühle Site

The aim of this project was to transform the abandoned Feldmühle industrial site in Rorschach into a lively and architecturally distinctive urban district that will accommodate both commercial and residential uses. EBP was commissioned to oversee a study of the most promising development alternatives.

Located in Rorschach in the Canton of St. Gallen, the 27,500-square-metre Feldmühle site occupies a central position on an important urban-development axis just south of the city center and directly adjacent to the Rorschach City Railway Station.

From industrial site to vital commercial and residential district

The Feldmühle site is currently occupied by a number of abandoned factories and office buildings that were once prominent features in the site’s long and dynamic industrial history. The site is now to be converted into a lively urban district that will accommodate a mixture of commercial and residential uses. As the new owner of the site, the Steiner Investment Foundation is interested in the rapid implementation of a holistic development plan for which it has already gained the support of the city of Rorschach.

Study of engaging and sustainable development alternatives

EBP oversaw the completion of a single-phase study of the development alternatives. The aim of the study was to arrive at an architecturally distinctive collection of buildings as well as an attractively designed arrangement of open spaces within the site.

Picture Credits: Nicklaus Wächter, Photograph Adligenswil

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