Study of the housing market in Wädenswil

Working on behalf of the Swiss real-estate company Hangenmoos AG, we conducted an extensive examination of the factors currently shaping the housing market in the Swiss town of Wädenswil. The results of our examination offer the company both a forecast of future demand in the town’s housing market and a basis for making strategic decisions. Our analyses were based on small-scale data sets from the federal government and forecast data from the Canton of Zurich.

Our services

  • Analyzing the development of population and housing stock in Wädenswil compared to other municipalities in the region
  • Assessing the housing situation in Wädenswil`s multi-family residential buildings from a household and housing perspective
  • Classification of spatial planning measures and future housing capacities in the city of Wädenswil according to the current town’s building and zoning ordinance
  • Quantitative estimation and characterization of future housing demand in Wädenswil

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