Sulzer industrial plant 1, construction site 3

One of Switzerland’s largest wooden buildings is soon to take shape at the historic Sulzer industrial site in Winterthur. The wooden building is to be constructed with the help of the building information modeling (BIM) planning method. EBP was commissioned to complete the planning for the entire façade of this environmentally sustainable residential and commercial building.

The architects and engineers of the architectural consortium comprised of the Baumberger & Stegmeier and KilgaPopp architectural firms made the decision to construct the seven-story building entirely of wood. The transparent façade elements such as windows and folding glass doors are to be attached to wooden adapter frames or directly to the wooden load-bearing structure. The solid parts of the façade will differ depending on the story of the building. Fiberglass-reinforced concrete and titanium-zinc, rhomboid structures in the exterior façade dominate the façade’s overall appearance. The interior courtyard will have a wooden façade whose individual elements are attached using vertical tongue-and-groove joints. From the 6th story upward, the materials used for the façade are limited to those with a fire-resistance rating of FR1. This is why Eternit elements and titanium-zinc, rhomboid elements are also used at the top of the façade in the interior courtyard. Extendable fabric awnings and vertical awnings are used to protect the various levels of the building against direct sunlight.