Support for municipal planning in Canton Schaffhausen

With its various municipalities facing new planning requirements, including a new legal framework, changes in the cantonal development plan and a paradigm shift for settlement development, the canton of Schaffhausen chose to provide expanded practical support. We worked together with the canton to develop a total of four modules for municipalities in high-quality settlement, transportation and landscape development.

Our services

  • Creation of an overview of current municipal planning approaches in the canton, including procedures, deadlines, statutes as well as relevant authorities and offices
  • Presentation of the substantive, formal and procedural requirements
  • Compilation of the relevant topics and other support measures
  • Elaboration of the basic requirement for a planning report according to Art. 47 of the Spatial Planning Ordinance
  • Compilation of contents for the following modules: “Framework Document,” “Building Code and Zoning Plan,” “Settlement Development Strategy,” and “Planning Report”

Image: Municipal Planning as a development process (EBP image)

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