Sustainable energy management for the Libellenhof residential housing estate

Between Rotsee and the city of Lucerne, the new "Hof" and "Garten" residential housing estates with 241 units in 16 houses are being built on Libellenstrasse. We advised the Lucerne housing cooperative during a planning review in the areas of sustainability, renewable energies and building technology. The focus of our work was on the estate-wide use of photovoltaics and integrated energy management for heat, electricity and e-mobility.

Our services

  • Planning review with regard to sustainability, renewable energy and building technology
  • Advising the developer on innovative technologies, future developments and long-term trends
  • Examination of the use of photovoltaics in a estate-wide energy sharing network
  • Designing an integrated energy production and electrical load management system, including e-mobility

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Images: Visualization of the Hof and Garten residential housing estates
Picture Credits: Loeliger Strub Architektur GmbH, Nightnurse Images AG

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